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I am front-end web developer who has successfully developed and managed multiple websites, both national and international brands such as South African Airways, Fox International Channels (Fox Africa & Nat Geo Africa) to the likes of Brand South Africa and SANRAL.

I also worked on an e-commerce web-based application briefed, in by BCX, an internal corporate gifting online store for their employees. This was a 1st for me and my previous employer. The list goes on...

During my time at thebar., asked me to manage social media accounts for a few brands and I successfully did this though implementing what I had learned during my online course studies. Obtained a Digital Marketing certificate from Shaw Academy where I was exposed to social media buying, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Remarketing though the implementation of “pixels”, the use of Google Analytics to help with reporting on various metrics.

Due to the nature of my work as a web developer, I was asked if I could design. I couldn’t. I then decided to teach myself, through the power of YouTube and other resources. I have designed things such as business cards, leaflets, posters, banners, logos, etc. This has also lead me to wanting to study graphic/digital design or UX/UI designing. I have an intermediate proficiency level on the use of Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

Web Design

Ui/Ux Design



Some Interisting Facts
About Me

On a lighter note, I am a music lover, regardless of the genre. I play a few brass instruments, the tuba, tenor horn, flugelhorn, and the trombone and I conduct the church choir.

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My Resume //

About Me

My Awesome Story

This is my history as an employee, an experience of learning, upskilling, creating exceptional work and building relationships along the way. Eveyone I've through my journey has contributed in all sorts of ways to making me who I am, both on a personal and professional level.

I REALLY appreciate all of you.

thebar. Magazine

June 2018 - July 2020
01. -

Outline of my role

Hired to fill in a role as a web developer, my role quickly grew to working on other things such as basic social media management and desktop support.

thebar. is a subsidiary under The Bar Group, which also increased my workin capacity from just working for thebar. Magazine to other publications such as Destiny, Destiny MAN & Destiny Connect.

I also work under Barlab, a communications & design agency under the group. This forwarded me the opportunity to work on multiple projects/brands such as The South African Pavillion, The Barleader TV, Orapeleng Modutle, Corporate Icons, to name but a few.

My Roles & Resposibilities

  • Front-End Web Developer role:
    • Content management for thebar. Magazine
    • Developing Wordpress websites for the subsidaries in the group of companies
    • Developing websites for clients under a sister company called BarLab, a creative agency under The Bar Group
    • Monthly reporting
    • Working on emailers
    • Managing all hosted websites under BarLab
  • Community Manager role:
    • Content management for thebar. Magazine social platforms
    • Monthly reporting

Red September

May 2018
02. -

Outline of my role

I came in as a front-end web developer. I was quickly thrown in to work on 2 brands namely Fortuna Foods and Car Service City. I worked for a month and got an irresistable offer that I could not say no to.

My Roles & Resposibilities

  • Web development
  • Monthly reporting

Avatar Agency

November 2012 - April 2018
03. -

Outline of my role

An opportunity of a life time!

I was exposed to a whole new world of digital marketing and I have loved it since. Started working as an intern and worked my way to becoming a permament employee.

My Roles & Resposibilities

  • Front-end & back-end development of websites, using various frameworks, to suit a client's business needs
  • Maintain and update client websites
  • Weekly emailers and bi-monthly newsletters
  • Google Analytics & reporting
  • Training and overseeing web development interns on how to load content, maintain websites and help other staff members with infrastructure problems or difficulties
  • Infrastructure management role:
    • Working as admin, dealing with internal infrastructure and software related problems
    • First line response for users requiring assistance with information technology issues and problems
    • Fixing staff laptops, from hardware to software problems that they may be facing
    • Creating and setting up new staff email accounts using Google Engine Apps

MACE - Mkhwanazi Academy for Christian Entrepreneurship

2008 - 2009
02. -

Outline of my role

This was my 1st job during my gap year. I worked as an admin clerk/officer, assisting prospective students with their enrollment process, answering It was a good introduction into the working world.

My Roles & Resposibilities

  • Web development
  • Monthly reporting

Shaw Academy

Graduated: 2017
04. -

Diploma: Digital Marketing



Uiversity of Johannesburg

Graduated: 2015
05. -

National Diploma: Business Information Technology

I majored in Software development

My Websites //

About Me

My Websites

Here is a list of websites I either collaborated, built and/or managed. Some of which were built under a company I've worked for or built on freelance basis. These websites, unfortunately, due to time have evolved and reworked by other people/agencies.

Website Development
  • Brainbow
  • Patience Speaks
  • Kibo Ngowi
  • thebar. Magazine
  • Brand South Africa
  • The BarLeader TV
  • BCX Brand Store
  • Destiny Connect
  • SANRAL Publications
  • Stop Over: SANRAL Blog
  • Destiny Careers The website has since been rebuilt
  • Destiny MAN
  • The South African Pavillion
  • Corporate Icons Media
  • Oonina Global
  • AVATAR Agency
  • The Bar Group
  • Fortuna Foods
  • Simamkele Dial
  • Black Notes
  • Wizque Connect
  • Ubank - The website has since been rebuilt
  • Ubank Mobi - The website has since been rebuilt

Some of my realized
and future projects

Here is a list of websites I either collaborated, built and/or managed. Some of which were built under a company I've worked for or built on freelance basis. These websites, unfortunately, due to time have evolved and reworked by other people/agencies.

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Design Skills

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Developer Skills

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Language Skills

Communication is key!
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